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» EPFO launches special drive for activation of UAN


UAN or Universal Account Number is a twelve digit number generated and allotted by EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization, India) to employees who contribute in EPF (Employee Provident Fund) scheme. UAN is like a super-set over multiple member IDs allotted to an employee by different establishments, this super-set will never change in entire life of employee. UAN is independent of employment or job; it never changes with job change. If a member who already have UAN number and change his job, he/she need to provide his UAN number to new employer or establishment to link newly allotted member identification number (Member ID) to Universal Account Number. UAN links multiple Member IDs (Member Identification Numbers) allotted to a single EPF member. UAN enables the EPF member to view their all Member Identification Numbers in a single place/window with all details.

Where to get UAN: EPFO provided UAN Numbers to its member establishments, contact your employer for UAN.

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