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If you are an EPF PF scheme contributor and want to know the EPF UAN Status, visit You require your current member id (Member Identification Number) with current or previous employer. Member id is the combination of EPFO State, Office, Establishment Code and Your Account number with establishment. On page, you need to select the State and EPFO office, under which your employer registered as establishment. As you select this information the first two columns of PF account number are auto filled. Now you need to enter your establishment Code, extension code (if any, else enter 000) and then account no. Remember establishment code and account number both are of seven digits. If you receive establishment code and account number in less than seven digits, add additional zeros before them to make these information seven digit numbers. Now click on check status.

This will show UAN Number Status. On this page you may also find a link to check UAN Generation Request Status. On clicking this link you redirected to “Check UAN Generation Request Status” page. On this page you need to enter request if and click on check status. Current status of your request id will show here.

To know the EPF UAN status is very important because EPFO generate UAN number only for few members. As of now UAN is generated only for active members whose contribution received through ECR for wage month October 2013 onwards.