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UAN Status

Still EPFO not generated UAN number for its all subscribers. If you want to know your UAN Status visit On this page you have two options-

Option 1: Check UAN Generation Status: Click on “Check Your UAN generation request status” you will redirected to another page which ask for request id. If you have a valid request id, enter here and you will get status of your UAN generation. If your UAN is not generated, contact your employer or EPFO customer care.

Option 2: Check UAN Status: To check the UAN status you need to have your member id. Member id is of seventeen digits and codes for your State and EPFO office. If you know the codes for state and office, just enter these information in relevant input boxes. Then enter seventeen digit member id. In member id first seven digits are establishment code, next three digits are extension code and last seven digits are account number. If you have only establishment code and account number, just add extra zeros before these numbers and make it seventeen digit number. If you don’t have extension code, just use 000. After entering state code, office code and member id click on check status. On clicking you will receive your UAN status.